Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches of Europe
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Listen to Radio Warra Wangeelaa Here

A Gospel Radio to the Horn and beyond! UOECE launches Radio Warra Wangeelaa!

UOECE launched on November 30, 2013, Radio Warra Wangeela”, a weekly broadcast to the countries of the horn of Africa and surrounding. Listeners in the horn and middle East can listen to the program on 15515 kHz on SW. The weekly half-an-hour program is broadcasted every Saturday from 15:00 – 15:30 GMT. The program is retransmitted to South and central Europe the same day from 21:00 – 21:30 on 1355kHz on MW.  In addition to that, the program is live streamed on www. Radio warra Wangeelaa will be live streamed on the following address: http://mp3.nexus.org:8000/irn.mp3.m3u
Radio Warra Wangeelaa can be accessed on demand www.soundcloud.com

UOECE Offers the first Afan Oromo Bible Mobile Application

UOECE released the ever first Afan Oromo Bible mobile application. The app is the first release among the series of projects included in the ongoing Oromo Digital Bible project run by UOECE. The digital Oromo Bible includes the development of mobile application for different platforms and the making of a more comprehensive internet based Afan Oromo study bible. The newly released application is for android based mobile devices. The same application for iOS based mobile devices will be made available pretty soon.
Users can download and enjoy free of charge at the following link:

The First UOECE Workshop Concluded Successfully!

A three day long workshop aimed at fostering and strengthening the relationship between Oromo churches and Oromo communities in Europe concluded successfully in Utrecht, The Netherland on September 22, 2013.    This first in its kind workshop was organised by the Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches in Europe (UOECE) and hosted by two sister churches in Holland; namely Oromo Evangelical Church in Utrecht and Oromo Evangelical Church in Amsterdam.

Read the news in English here.

Read the news in Afan Oromo here.

Videos From the 4th Annual Conference in Frankfurt, 17-19 May 2013
The 4th Annual Conference -
-Another Success Story in Frankfurt
The 4th annual spiritual conference of the Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches in Europe (UOECE) has been successfully concluded on Sunday the 19th of May in Frankfurt, Germany.

The 4th annual spiritual conference of the United Oromo Evangelical Churches in Europe (UOECE) has successfully concluded on Sunday 19th May in Frankfurt, Germany.  The 2013 UOECE Conference is unique in the sense that three Oromo Churches namely...Learn more

-Temesgen D. Birru Ordained as a pastor
Monday, March 24, 2013, Brother Temesgen Dhabasa Birru was ordained as a pastor at his home church – Oromo Evangelical Congregation of Trondheim (OECT).

Sunday, March 24, 2013, Brother Temesgen Dhabasa Birru was ordained as a pastor at his home church – Oromo Evangelical Congregation of Trondheim (OECT).
Brother Temesgen, who has been ministering at OECT since the establishment of the church as a small bible study group in 2008, will continue to devote his time and energy to serve this same church which called him.

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Frankfurt- Germany-
-4th Annual conference well underway
UOECE-4th-annual-spiritual conference

The 4th annual spiritual conference of the Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches of Europe will be held in the beautiful city of Frankfurt, Germany from 16-19 May 2013. OSEG (The Oromo speaking congregations in Germany) together with Oromo Evangelical Church in Frankfurt and the Oromo Evangelical Church in Munich hosts this much anticipated annual conference. Learn more...

Trondheim- Norway-
-A Unique Spiritual gathering

A unique conference in Trondheim

The Oromo Evangelical congregation in Trondheim (Norway) conducted a blessing revival conference on July 28 and 29, 2012. On this two-day-conference Evangelist Mohammed Amin ministered to over 200 believers from the city of Trondheim and its surroundings. Learn more...

London- UK-
-The 3rd annual conference-a success story!

One of the unforgettable moments during UOECE 3rd annual conference was when the choral group of the host church performed its uplifting songs and hymns. This choral group has truely graced this annual continental conference by performing its inspiring songs and hymens. Moreover, together with the choir members from the sister churches of Oslo and Frankfurt, the choir group of the host church has ministered diligently by  leading the worship throughout the conference with a true sense of togetherness and unity.

Learn more...

Seenaa Onesimos Nesib akaaklii isaanii L/Barnaabaas Daniel irraa daggeefadhaa

The story of Onesimos Nesib as told by his grandson Rev. Barnabas Daniel


Onesimos Nesib was a native of Oromia who converted to Lutheran Christianity and translated the Christian Bible into Afaan Oromo a century ago. His parents named him Hika as a baby, meaning "Translator" or "solution finder"; he took the name "Onesimus", after the Biblical character, upon converting to Christianity. Onesimos Nesib is included in the American Lutheran Book of Worship as a saint, who commemorates his life on the 21st of June. The Mekane Yesus Church honored him by naming the seminary in Finfinne after his name. In this exclusive interview his grandson, Rev. Barnabas Daniel tells the extra ordinary story of this great man. learn more
konfraansii TWOWA 3ffaa The 3rd annual conferece
The 3rd Annual Spiritual Conference of the Union of the Oromo Evangelical Churches in Europe has successfully concluded on Sunday 22nd July 2012.


Another Success story

The 3rd Annual Spiritual Conference of the Union of the Oromo Evangelical Churches in Europe has successfully concluded .

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Video streaming by Ustream 

The UOECE 3rd annual conference will be streamed live from the conference hall of the Oromo Evangelical Church of London from July 19-22, 2012.

follow the live event here.


Audio Bible in all languages Macaafa Qulqulluu Dhaggeeffadhaa

Macaafa Qulqulluu Afaan Oromootiin dhageefadhaa! Macaafotni Kakuu Haaraa Afaan oromoo loqoda Booranaa, loqoda Bahaa fi loqoda Dhiha Giddugaleessa Oromiyaatiin qophaa’e isinii dhihaateera dhaggeeffadhaa!


Konfraansii TWOWA isa 3ffaa Adoolessa 19 -22ti magalaa Londonitti ta'u kan keesumsiiftu Waldaan Kristyaanaa warra Wangeelaa London qophii isaa xumuraa raawwachhaa akka jirtu beeksisuudhaan hundumtuu akka hirmaattuu eebbichaa ta'aniif waamicha goote. Itti fuftanii dubisuuf...

kana xuqaa


Gudina tumsa

Gudina Tumsa, general secretary of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane
Yesus (EECMY) from 1966 to 1979, was a recent martyr in the history of the
Christian church. He believed in the liberating power of the gospel, preached it from the pulpit, witnessed to it in the assemblies of the churches, and challenged the international community to respond to the need of his church. His contemporary, Rev. Dr. Tasgara Hirpho chronicles the extra ordinary life and legacy of the late Rev. Gudina Tumsa.

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Rev. Dr. Tasgara Hirpho

Tamsaasa wangeelaa kessatti har’a ga’ee sab-qunnamtiin qabu isa yoomi iyyuu caalaa murteessaa ta’eera. Jaarraa tokko dura, bara Onismus Nasiibfaa hojii guddaa hojjetan barri isaa akka isa ammaa hintolle ture. Garuu qaawwuma xinnoo argamtetti fayyadamuudhaan waann guddaa hojjetan. Amma yeroo jabanni toletti hojii wongeelaa caalaatti saffisiisuuf carraa guddaatu jira jedhu L. Dr. Tasgaraa Hirphoo. Gaaffii fi deebii isaanii wojjin goone dhageeffachuuf. Kana malees barumsa Macaaf Qulqulluu Luba tasgaraatiin audiodhaan qophaa'an qabannee dhihaatneerra. Dubbisuuf yakaanis dhaggeefachuuf

Kana xuqaa


UOECE 2nd Annual Conference – A Sensational Success Story!

The UOECE 2nd annual conference which was held in Oslo from 9-12 June 2011 was successfully completed. The conference was quiet phenomenal and never before have had Oromo believers in Europe experienced such enormous and unique gathering.Prior to the conference on 9th of June 2011, UOECE successfully conducted its annual congress and council meeting. The council, among other things, decided the host church for the next UOECE conference and settled a continental media team in order to enhance the role of media in evangelism among the oromo diaspora and beyond.

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UOECE is a not- for- profit continental umbrella organization comprising Oromo Evangelical Churches, Fellowships and Congregations scattered in Europe.The main objective of the Union is to foster unity among Oromo Evangelical Churches, Fellowships and Congregations, and to bring together the scattered Christians and nurturing them in their beliefs. Based on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ UOECE stands with the poor and powerless, advocate for peace and justice.

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