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4th Annual Conference-Another Success Story

The 4th annual spiritual conference of the Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches in Europe (UOECE) has been successfully concluded on Sunday the 19th of May in Frankfurt, Germany.  The 2013 UOECE Conference is unique in the sense that three Oromo Churches namely the Oromo speaking Evangelical congregations in the Federal Republic of Germany (OSEG), Oromo Evangelical Church in Frankfurt and the Oromo Evangelical Church in Munich hosted the Conference.

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Temesgen Dhabasa Birru was ordained as a pastor

Sunday, March 24, 2013, Brother Temesgen Dhabasa Birru was ordained as a pastor at his home church – Oromo Evangelical Congregation of Trondheim (OECT).
Brother Temesgen, who has been ministering at OECT since the establishment of the church as a small bible study group in 2008, will continue to devote his time and energy to serve this same church which called him.

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4th Annual conference well underway

 “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace!” Ephesians 4:3
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The 4th annual spiritual conference of the Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches of Europe will be held in the beautiful city of Frankfurt, Germany from 16-19 May 2013. OSEG (The Oromo speaking congregations in Germany) together with Oromo Evangelical Church in Frankfurt and the Oromo Evangelical Church in Munich hosts this much anticipated annual conference.

4th conference 4th conference


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UOECE 3nd Annual Conference –another Success Story!

The 3rd Annual Spiritual Conference of the Union of the Oromo Evangelical Churches in Europe has successfully concluded on Sunday 22nd July 2012.  The 4 daylong Conference, hosted by Oromo Evangelical Church of London, officially commenced on Thursday 19th July with the opening speech made by the chairman of the Union, obbo Melkamu Duresso.

Guest speakers on the Conference include Evangelist Fikru Eticha(USA), Marga Nagari(Germany) and Rev. Barnabas Daniel(UK).  The preachers based their teaching on the theme of the Conference which was: “make my joy complete...being one in spirit and purpose”, Phil 2:2.   They emphasised the need to overcome ‘social phobia’ in order to promote the work of God among the scattered Oromo Diasporas.

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Konfraansii TWOWA isa 3ffaa tiif Waldaan oromoo London qophii jalqabe


Konfraansii afuuraa isa 3ffaa Tokkummaa Waldootii Oromoo warra Wangeelaa Awuroppaa keessumsiisuuf qophii xumuraa jiraachuu ishee Waldaan Kristyaanaa warra Wangeelaa London beeksifte. Kofraansii TWOWA 2ffaa Oslo ti ta’ee irratti konfransii isa itti aanu akka qopheessituuf kan murtaa'e waldaan oromoo warra wangeelaa London yeroo ammaatti koree qindeessituu konfransichaatiin qophiin isa xumuraatti jiraachuu ishee beeksifteetti. Amantootni martinuu milkaa'ina konfransichaatiif waaqayyoon akka kadhataniif gaafachuudhaan hundinuu immoo hirmaattuu eebba kanaa akka ta'aniif waamichaa gooteetti. guutummaa oduu kanaaf guutummaa waraqaa waamicha konfransichaa dubbisuuf...

kana xuqaa

UOECE 2nd Annual Conference – A Sensational Success Story!


The UOECE 2nd annual conference which was held in Oslo  from 9-12 June 2011 was successfully completed. The conference was quiet phenomenal and never before have had Oromo believers in Europe experienced such enormous and unique gathering. Prior to the conference on 9th of June 2011, UOECE successfully conducted its annual congress and council meeting. The council, among other things, decided the host church for the next UOECE conference and settled a continental media team in order to enhance the role of media in evangelism among the oromo diaspora and beyond.

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The UOECE 2nd Annual Conference will be held in in Oslo 9 -12 June 2011

“LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, LORD. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known! ” Habakuk 3:2


The 13th of May 2010 can be considered as historical because it was on this very day that Oromo believers from different European cities gathered to gather for the first time under one roof to worship God, a gathering which eventually gave birth to UOECE - Union of Evangelical Oromo Churches in Europe.

This year UOECE will celebrate its first year anneversary in Oslo, Norway. The Oromo Evangelical Church in Oslo is hosting this big event. The Oromo Evangelical Church in Oslo in collaboration with Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches of Europe is delighted to invite you to this highly anticipated 2.annual conference to be held in the beautiful city of Oslo from 9-12 June 2011. Read more...


Joyful and Great News from London


For more than six years the Oromo congregation in London has been inflicted with series of conflicts, schisms and even a brief moment of closure. Many hearts were broken and saddened by these difficult realities. Pursuant to these circumstances some of the members withdrew their membership from the church, some have become inactive and others simply wanted to stay home. Apparently, the church becomes the uninviting place for those who are not in the faith community and the ministry of that church has suffered a lot. When love, the central message of the gospel, is lost then the moral ground to preach the gospel will obviously be shaken.




Union of Evangelical Oromo Churches in Europe (UOECE), a continental umbrella organization aimed at fostering unity among Oromo churches, fellowships and congregations scattered in Europe, has been established.




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