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 A Unique Spiritual gathering in Trondheim

The Oromo Evangelical congregation in Trondheim, Norway conducted a blessing revival conference on July 28 and 29, 2012. On this two-day-conference Evangelist Mohammed Amin ministered to over 200 believers from the city of Trondheim and its surroundings.

Evangelist Mohammed who studied Islam in Saudi Arabia and teaching Quran, among many places, at Anwar grand mosque in Finfinne, was converted miraculously on his healing from AIDS.

“I was a terminal AIDS patient in Jimma Hospital ward number 7 and counting down my death” He remembers, “On such a  critical point in my life Jesus revealed Himself to me miraculously as He did to St Paul on the road to Damascus . I was completely healed and made a U turn in my life’s journey.”

As a full time minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelist Mohammed currently travels extensively to Oromia and throughout Europe. He preaches the gospel, shares his testimony and prays for the sick wherever he goes. Moreover, through his ministry, Light of Life Ministry International, he runs various holistic projects including school for orphanage and safe water project in Oromia. Learn about the ministry at: www.lolmi.org

According to Brother Temesgen Dhibasa of the Trondheim Oromo Congregation, the conference wasunique and full of blessings. Temesgen added that the congregation has never had such a huge gathering before. During a special prayer session in the course of the conference many people were healed from their sickness. Moreover, the flow of the Holy Spirit was imminent right from the start of the conference. Participants of the conference have contributed over 6000 Norwegian Kroner in order to support the ministry of Evangelist Mohammed.

The Oromo Evangelical congregation in Trondheim is one of the 4 Oromo churches in Norway. The Church was established in September 2008 when a group of just few believers came to gather. Currently, with its members increasing from time to time, it is one of our rapidly growing churches. Learn about the church at: http://oromochurchtrondheim.org/



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