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UOECE 2nd Annual Conference – A Sensational Success Story!

The much anticipated 2nd UOECE annual conference which was held in Oslo from 9-12 June 2011 was successfully completed. The conference was quiet phenomenal and never before have had Oromo believers in Europe experienced such enormous and unique gathering. The conference hall which was the regular worship hall of the host church, the Oromo Evangelical Church in Oslo was full of Oromo believers, the old and the young, men and women from all over Europe and elsewhere.

The conference was opened just on the schedule on the 9th of June 16:00 CET. Rev. Desalegn Mengesha, pastor of the Oromo congregation in Oslo, Obbo  Yonas Hambisa, chair person of the elders committee of the church, and Obbo Malkamu Duresso, chair person of UOECE welcomed the gathering after one another and officially opened this historic conference.

Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba, Evangelist Marga Nagari, and Evangelist Gamachis Karasaa were speakers at the conference. The gospel teachings delivered by these servants of God were life-changing. Together with the speakers, pastor Thega yesus Hurisa and Evangelist Gute Lammeessaa also served the congregation during the prayer session. The presence of God was there and the power of the Holy Spirit was awesome and overwhelming.

Evangelist Mohammed Amin, founder and chairperson of Light of Life Ministry international, presented a slideshow of the great amazing work of evangelism God was doing through his ministry among Muslim Oromos in Oromia. His ministry which was founded in 1994 after his miraculous conversion is moving forward proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ among Muslims winning souls for Christ. Mohammed thanked supports of the ministry specially the Oromo Evangelical Church in Oslo for its invaluable financial support.

The worship team, the  ”A” and “B” choral groups, and the soloists of the host church together with the musicians gave the conference a distinctive and unforgettable worshiping atmosphere.  Especially the Gospel songs presented by both choir groups all together on the final day was so amazing and graceful that it “sounds heavenly”. The singing of the little children presented on day two of the conference was also so sweat.

The well coordinated program and the good hospitality of the host church was much appreciated by participants. The mouth-watering cultural food prepared by the women of the host church which was served during the conference was simply delicious!

The conference was live- streamed on www.uoce.org , www.oromochurchoslo.org  and http://bergenoromofellowship.org/ from the start to the end and believers across geographical and time zone were following the program attentively through the internet. Recorded videos on demand can be watched anytime on www.livestream.com/oromochurchoslo . The whole program of this spectacular conference will be available on DVD soon!

UOECE annual congress and council meeting
Prior to the conference on 9th of June 2011, UOECE successfully conducted its annual congress and council meeting.  On the opening of the congress where church leaders,  representatives and evangelical ministers  participated, Rev. Dr. Tasgaraa Hirpho lead a bible study session focusing  on Christian leadership.

London hosts 2012 UOECE conference
Obbo Malkamu Duresso, chairperson and Obbo Charu Batu, secretary of UOECE presented annual report and annual plan for the Union prepared by the board of directors. The council accepted the report and approved the plan and budget of the Union for the year ahead. After a thorough discussion, the council has decided that The Oromo Evangelical church in London will host the next 2012 UOECE conference.

Continental Media Team established
In order to enhance the role of media in evangelism among our people in general and the Diaspora in particular, the council has settled a continental media team comprising Rev. Dr Tasgaraa Hirpho, Ev. Marga Nagari and Obbo Robsan Mako. 



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