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Joyful and Great News from London

For more than six years the Oromo congregation in London has been inflicted with series of conflicts, schisms and even a brief moment of closure. Many hearts were broken and saddened by these difficult realities. Pursuant to these circumstances some of the members withdrew their membership from the church, some have become inactive and others simply wanted to stay home. Apparently, the church becomes the uninviting place for those who are not in the faith community and the ministry of that church has suffered a lot. When love, the central message of the gospel, is lost then the moral ground to preach the gospel will obviously be shaken.

In the past six years, many attempts have been done to help the group resolve their differences.  The church has also been striving to resolve its own issue by itself, and besides by involving experienced church leaders in UK, Germany and UOEC leaders from the USA. All the efforts seem not have worked for the time, and the issues continued to linger rather than cease to exist.  As tough as their experiences, however, each group has not stopped service to their members at their respective places.

Whatever happened in the past it has not stopped for the long coming to arrive. Last weekend, November 26 – 28, 2010, has opened another new era in London and the old things has passed. The past efforts by our pastors and UOEC leaders have created an environment to bring this moment. Members and each group leader were just waiting for a favorable moment and environment comfortably to express their concerns and create a common understanding of mission and ministry in one evangelical church.

Pastor Desalegn Ayana, pastor of Oromo Evangelical Church in Oslo, travelled to London to conduct a spiritual conference and to work with each group leader'’ to peaceful end the reconciliation initiative. On Sunday, November 28, 2010 the peaceful ending of the journey was declared and one congregation that worships under one roof was re-established. May the name of the Lord ever be praised!

In order to enhance the work of restoring peace, unity and understanding  leaders are nominated from within all interest groups



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